Solving Problems
Whether it’s a demand letter, mediation, arbitration, or IP litigation, we can help.  At Summers Law Group, we develop and implement winning litigation and enforcement strategies.  We have successfully litigated cases in District Court and at the International Trade Commission.  We have experience in all aspects of adversarial counseling, litigation, and enforcement.

We advise clients on prelitigation strategies and help our clients prepare for possible litigation.  Should litigation arise, our tough and tenacious litigators can assess and argue the fundamental issues of patent infringement, validity, and enforceability.  Our experience in adversarial matters enables us to predict the arguments opponents may raise and chart a proactive strategy.

We are adept at all phases of litigation and work to minimize the expense and impact of litigation and discovery on your day-to-day business.  We often resolve disputes before they end up in court.  By combining our litigation and transactional experience, we are able to negotiate successful settlements, saving the time, energy, and money that legal trials demand.


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