Teresa Summers

Teresa M. Summers beratet Mandanten in Patent-, Handels-, und Hatch Waxman- Rechtsstreitigkeiten. Ihre Praxis entsteht aus viele Branchen, wie Biomedizin, Pharmazie, Telekommunikation, Unterhaltungselektronik und Computer-Hardware und Software. Ms. Summers hat auch Erfahrungen in der internationalen Handelskommission § 337 Rechtsstreitigkeiten und hat fast ein Dutzend juristische Aktionen erfolgreich prozessiert.

Ms. Summers diente als Gerichtsschreiber für den Ehren Richard Linn der United States Court of Appeals für den Federal Circuit. Sie bleibt sehr aktiv in Federal Circuit Aktivitäten. Zum Beispiel hat sie die Richter in den letzten Joint Justiz Konferenzen in Japan, China und Korea auf US- IP- Rechte unterstützt. Sie schuf die Tokyo IP American Inn of Court, die als die erste Inn of Court in Japan und die erste American Inn of Court außerhalb der USA dient. Für ihre Rolle in der Schaffung der Tokyo IP American Inn of Court, erhielt Frau Summers ein Distinguished Service Medal von der Linn Inn Alliance.

Ms. Summers erhielt ihren B.S. in der Biologie / Biomedizintechnik an der University of California, San Diego, und ihre JD von der Georgetown University Law Center, magna cum laude . Während Law School hat sie in der Georgetown Law Journal Artikeln veröffentlicht und würde zur Teilnahme der Order of the Coif eingeladen. Sie erhielt den Leon Robbin Patent Award, ABA / BNA Award for Excellence in Intellectual Property Law, und das Cali Award. Ms. Summers hat zahlreiche Artikel veröffentlicht: Sie verfasste “The Scope of Utility in the Twenty-First Century: New Guidance for Gene-Related Patents” und hat “Database Legislation: Changing Technologies Require Revised Laws” und  “Medicare Act Increases Risk of Declaratory Judgment Actions Against Innovators”

Repräsentative Matters:

  • Allergan v. Sandoz (Eastern District of Texas). Represented the manufacturer of a generic version of Allergan’s Combigan® ophthalmic eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma in several related cases under the Hatch-Waxman Act.
  • Certain Sintered Rare Earth Magnets and Products Containing Same (International Trade Commission, 337-TA-855). Represented complainants Hitachi Metals and its U.S. affiliate in an ITC investigation that was resolved by settlements and consent orders favorable to complainants prior to hearing.
  • Apple v. Samsung (Northern District of California and International Trade Commission, 337-TA-796). Represented Apple in obtaining a $1.05 billion jury verdict in its patent and trade dress trial against Samsung regarding smartphones and tablets. Also represented Apple successfully against Samsung at the International Trade Commission.
  • Certain Static Random Access Memories, and Products Containing Same (International Trade Commission, 337-TA-792). Represented Cypress Semiconductor in patent litigation against competitor and importer customers of competitor.
  • Toshiba v. Imation et al.  (Western District of Wisconsin). Represented Toshiba Corporation in a patent infringement action against several foreign manufacturers and U.S. distributors of recordable and rewritable DVDs.
  • Certain Computers and Computer Peripheral Devices and Components Thereof and Products Containing the Same (International Trade Commission, 337-TA-841). Represented respondent Fujitsu Limited in a patent infringement case involving flash memory card readers used in computers and other electronic devices.  Case settled favorably shortly before the hearing.
  • American Motorists Insurance Co. v. The Club at Hokuli’a, Inc., et al. (District of Hawaii). Represented Japan Airlines in complex litigation involving three court cases in Hawaiian federal and state courts related to failed property development on the Big Island in Hawaii. The dispute related to interpretation of bonds, development agreements and partnership law issues. This complex litigation involved seven parties in a multimillion-dollar property development being concurrently litigated in three cases.
  • Certain Stringed Musical Instruments and Components Thereof (II) (International Trade Commission, 337-TA-708). Represented Japan-based Hoshino and its U.S. affiliate in patent infringement actions relating to guitars and other musical instruments.  Case settled on favorable terms.
  • Enpat v. GE et al. (Middle District of Florida). Represented Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Corporation Ltd. of Japan and its U.S. affiliate in a patent infringement suit relating to industrial drives and wind turbines. Case settled on favorable terms after mediation.
  • Kelce v. Cervantes et al. (Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit). Represented a prisoner pro bono against the California state corrections system. Obtained favorable verdict from the Ninth Circuit.
  • Certain Liquid Crystal Display Modules and Products Containing the Same and Methods for Using the Same (International Trade Commission, 337-TA-634; Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit). Represented Sharp Corporation against Samsung in four patent infringement -based investigations involving technology to improve viewing angle and response time for LCD panels used in LCD TVs and monitors. ITC found for Sharp on all four asserted Sharp patents and three of four asserted Samsung patents, and issued exclusion order and cease and desist orders banning imports and sales of Respondents’ LCD products.
  • Certain Digital Televisions and Certain Products Containing Same and Methods of Using Same (International Trade Commission, 337-TA-617). Represented Osaka-based Funai Electric Co., Ltd. and its affiliate Funai Corporation, Inc. (collectively “Funai”) through trial in this International Trade Commission (ITC) Section 337 action filed against 14 manufacturers and importers of digital televisions and other related products. In April 2009, the ITC issued a final determination and remedy order in favor of Funai Corporation. Represented Funai in an appeal and in the subsequent enforcement action for the exclusion order.

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